It has been a snowy winter

So I have not been posting much since this semester started but nothing much has happened except some snow days. I have been working on editing a paper for submission to a journal and lining up some summer internships to apply for, more to come on those as they develope.

I did discover while procrastinating this morning that a release date is set for In the Heart of the Sea. Get ready for awesome, March 13, 2015! I know it’s more than a year away but I am so excited for this.

I have not finished Consider the Fork yet. But I have been watching the Winter Olymics! I love winter sports. So many of the events get so little mention outside an olympic year that it is fascinating to learn their history and see atheletes devoted to their craft. Does anyone understand how the figure skating is scored or how many points it is out of? I could not figure it out whatching the team events over the weekend.


They have started rehearsal!

So I was just on Twitter and saw a post from @RealRonHoward with this photo


Chris Hemsworth getting ready to rehearse for his role as Owen Chase in the movie In The Heart of The Sea. The movie based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s book of the same name is the story behind Moby Dick and hopefully will come out sometime next year. I am so excited to see this film and to compare it’s content to that of the book and of historic record.